wcada primary treatment

WCADA has been delivering the Primary Treatment Programme for over 30 years. The Treatment programme is based on the AA 12 Step principle.

We have established ourselves and built a sound reputation over this period of time as the only out-patient agency in Wales that delivers this unique and distinctive programme. WCADA prides itself on the high standard of care and delivery of this programme.

The programme is delivered by specialised and experienced facilitators and qualified counsellors. The team are dedicated in supporting you towards a happy drug and alcohol free future.

The programme includes:

Group Therapy

1-1 Counselling

DVD's and lectures

Care plan reviews


An assessment will be completed and your individual needs will be explored and a treatment care plan agreed for ongoing support.


Individuals accessing primary treatment work on the Minnesota model, which is the first five steps of the the AA 12 Step programme, and will attend weekly group therapy and weekly 1-1 counselling sessions using reality therapy.

The programme will help you to discover the truth about yourself and your addiction; replacing old, unhelpful behaviours to develop positive ways of thinking so that you can lead a happy, fulfilling drug and alcohol free life.

Treatment may not always be easy. It takes time, dedication and commitment but the recovery journey can be a rewarding one, where all areas of your life can vastly improve.


After completion of the Primary programme you will receive ongoing support through attending monthly Aftercare group. Through mutual support you can explore the challenges that you may face as you put your new found skills into practice. As well as monthly group support you will receive 6 weekly 1-1 sessions working on steps 6 to 12.

The treatment services team can be contacted:

Swansea: 01792 472519

Bridgend: 01656 667717

Neath: 01639 620222

Port Talbot: 01639 890863


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wcada primary treatment

wcada primary treatment

wcada primary treatment