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Change Step is a CAIS led and DACW managed peer mentoring and advice service. This service is for military veterans and others with post traumatic stress disorder and a range of psychosocial problems who want to make positive changes to their lives.

The service is delivered by veterans for veterans and aims to support those seeking help for problems encountered as a result of military or operational duty. The programme offers peer support, training opportunities and signposting to relevant health and welfare services.

Change Step works collaboratively with statutory bodies and other relevant organisations to ensure an accessible and comprehensive framework by which to guide individuals towards the most appropriate service.

What can Change Step offer?

Contact point for veterans, family members and carers.

Community-based peer mentoring scheme by veterans for veterans.

Bespoke training opportunities.

Signposting to detoxification and rehabilitation programmes.

Signposting to mental health, wellbeing and other appropriate services.

Who is Change Step for?

Military veterans.

Former members of the emergency services.

Trauma survivors.

Their family members.


wcada listen in service

Listen In supports the significant role families and friends of veterans play in promoting recovery from problems associated with military service and the transition to civilian life.

The Listen In team will deliver mental health first aid training and practical support to the families and friends of veterans.

The project, developed in accordance with the Armed Forces Covenant, recognises the commitment of the nation not only to members of the armed forces but also to their families.

Listen In is there to help the families and friends of veterans to understand better the potential threats to mental well-being for those who have served in our armed forces. We want to ensure that problems are identified, acknowledged and acted upon. Listen In links to a wide range of other statutory and voluntary services designed to promote good health and positive relationships.

The Change Step team can be contacted:

Monday – Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm

You can contact the Change Step team by calling

0300 777 2259

or emailing ask@change-step.co.uk

For further information visit www.changestepwales.co.uk


wcada change step

wcada change step