The REACH project which is funded by Active Inclusion Enables individuals to REALISE their potential by making positive CHANGES in their lives through ENGAGING in a range of accredited courses that will help improve their opportunities to ACHIEVE economic sustainability and employment.

Accredited courses in self-development;

Learn new skills;

Peer support from volunteers;

Volunteering opportunities;

Build confidence and self-esteem;

Opportunities to complete further study;

Assistance with job search when individual is ready to look for work.

The active inclusion REACH project will help individuals achieve nationally recognised qualifications and skills in an accessible and friendly environment that will enhance employment opportunities.

Currently we have a Personal Development group which includes a whole range of skills such as healthy eating and assertiveness and Understanding Anger with a Food Hygiene and Positive Communication course starting very soon. We are also planning an upcycling class. So if you would like to become involved in this new and exciting project please feel free to give the REACH team a call on: